Our History

POZZI COLOURS, an Italian production company based in Milan, Bologna and Caserta, boasts about 150 years of history and was born from the evolution of the prestigious Pozzi-Richard-Ginori, with the brand Pozzi Vernici.

In 1959, the Group, Manifattura Ceramiche Pozzi SpA, whose fame is the very history of Italian porcelain in the world, in the perspective of an expansion and development policy aimed at diversifying its business, built in Campania, the Pozzi Vernici’s site, with the largest production plant of paints of those years, with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative manufacturing processes, managed by experienced managers and technicians. Pozzi Vernici quickly became a leading brand, thanks to high quality products, obtained with advanced production technologies and with the help of a large capacity for commercial penetration, backed by the diffusion of specialized retail outlets in Italy and abroad.

In the early 1970s, the Pozzi-Richard-Ginori and Pozzi Vernici brands of the Ceramica Italiana Group were among the most well-known in the world, boasting a strong presence in the construction sector and, in particular, for paint coating products aimed at building, industry, bodywork and Truck Refinish.

At the end of the 80’s, Pozzi Vernici acquired the INCORA Company, a leader in Southern Italy, whose business history dates back to the late nineteenth century, thus giving life to POZZI COLOURS.

The “joint venture” with the ITALCROM brand is instead most recent; another historic brand in Campania, with an important production tradition and a good commercial presence in all national territory and abroad.

Innovation is a company tradition.

Thanks to continuous investments in production, logistics and services, the POZZI COLOURS is today a company that stands out for its modernity and dynamism; the constant research and development that takes place in its laboratories, guarantees the market highly reliable professional products. Its brands Incora and Pozzi Vernici have always been synonymous with superior quality and the right quality / price ratio.

With its extraordinary range of articles, the POZZI COLOURS can boast the distinction of being among the few companies, in Italy, to offer professional products for a variety of production sectors, such as: Construction (Civil and Industrial), Industry (Metallurgy and Joinery), Yachting and Car & Truck Refinish and, in each of these areas, it can claim a long tradition of excellence.

POZZI-COLOURS has always fought the challenge with the markets with innovation and quality . The latter are guaranteed by many factors, such as: research and development for the continuous improvement of products; controlled and certified production cycles; quality of the raw materials used; expert formulations and dosages.

We listen to offer appropriate solutions

The POZZI-COLOURS offers the market a wide range of specific solutions and products that effectively meet the needs of all production sectors, in particular construction, industry, boating and bodywork where the POZZI-COLORS always provides effective answers and targeted products, such to satisfy any application need.

The company marketing, for years has chosen the complex path of punctual response that puts the needs of the operators at the centre of the productive choices to provide them with solutions and answers commensurate with the real operational needs.

Thanks to this policy, the POZZI-COLOURS succeeds in retaining loyalty of the expert user who represents the real “subject” all the company’s productive choices are addressed to.

Our success, your satisfaction

The articulated POZZI COLOURS range is packed with products that thanks to the Pozzi Vernici brand have made history, and today are even stronger thanks to the technology and experience of INCORA and ITALCROM. A perfect blend of history, quality, experience and technique that expresses excellent products that are capable of responding to the special needs of the professional and the DIY. Because the secret of longevity and the success of POZZI COLOURS consist in knowing how to always listen to the customer, in order to be able to satisfy his needs.